Airtel Free Browsing On PC and Android Settings For June 2014

For a while now, the most popular browsing tweak on this blog / around has been the Glo BIS on PC, and you all know the Airtel N1500 plan that used to be 2GB has been chopped down to 1.5GB. But there’s a good news now.

There’s a fresh tweak now that lets you browse free with your Airtel sim on your PC or Android device. This can be used with a modem or a phone used as modem. 

Settings For Airtel Free Browsing

–> Settings for PC <–

Before you can browse free with your Airtel line using this June trick, you’ll need the following:

  • PD Proxy
  • Modem
Now to the settings / configuration….
PD Proxy Settings

  1. Start your PD-Proxy
  2. Goto settings > Advanced Settings > Proto options
  3. Set UDP Server Port as 53
  4. Navigate to Parent Proxy, tick the Enable Parent Proxy
  5. Enter IP as, and set port as 80
  6. Click Save & Go back
  7. Navigate back to main menu, choose Demo Server 1 and select UDP
  8. Enter your PD-Proxy Username and password.

Modem Settings

  1. Name: Use any name you like
  2. Dial number: *98# 
  3. APN / Access Point:

NOTE: You need to set your browser (options) not to use proxy (No Proxy)

–> Settings For Android <–

Requirements: Droid VPN

  1. Launch your droidVPN
  2. Navigate to advanced settings
  3. Select UDP or ICMP as protocol
  4. Input 443 in ICMP and 53 in UDP port.

Android Device Settings
  1. Name: Use your preferred name
  2. Dial number: *98#
  3. APN:
  4. Username and password: internet
  5. Proxy: , Port: 443

This was tested and found working. Lets hear your comments after using it on your devices.


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