Airtel Slashes Blackberry Data Plan to N1000 and N1500 for 3GB

Airtel has closed in on Glo with their Blackberry data Plan being the most affordable to most Nigerians as it gives 3GB for N1000. Airtel Blackberry Complete plan which used to be N1400 has now been slashed to N1000 and the Blackberry Unlimited plan still at the same N1500 but now with 3GB data instead of the previous 2GB. Airtel Blackberry data plan works on other devices while the Glo BIS only work on Legacy BBOS and Blackberry 10 devices, but can be used on Mediatek Android devices by Changing the IMEI or sharing wirelessly by creating mobile hotspot from BB10 Devices.

New Airtel Blackberry Internet Subscription

Airtel Slashes Blackberry Data Plan to 3GB for N1000 and N1500
Still on the new subscription, the deal here is that you have two plans to choose from. If you use a Legacy Blackberry device (Bold 9900 and the likes), you can go for the N1000 Blackberry Complete plan and if you will be using it on a non-blackberry device, you may go for the Blackberry Unlimited plan. Below are the subscription codes for both plans:
  • Blackberry Complete: Dial*440*1# . Cost: N1000
  • Blackberry Unlimited: Dial *440*16# . Cost: N1500
Both plans give you 3GB and is valid for 30 days.
It now comes down to your choice. Which Blackberry Internet plan do you prefer? Glo or Airtel?


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