Avast Automatically Installs SafeZone Browser Without Notification

Avast Antivirus which is one of the trusted Anti Virus solutions now installs software on systems without notifying the user. Apps that perform this type of action in the computer tech world are termed malwares but with the latest Avast Antivirus 2016, it seems we now have an exception. This is also peculiar to Windows 10 as it also downloads automatically.
It would have been best if you ask a user before you download or install components.

Avast SafeZone Browser

What is Avast SafeZone Browser?

SafeZone browser is a web browser with built-in privacy features from Avast that is available when you install or upgrade to any paid version of Avast Antivirus 2016. But it seems something has changed. It just installed on our computer running the Avast free Antivirus 2016. 
Instead of bundling the features and add-ons of Avast Online Security, you can use the browser designed with safety features built in without the need to install additional privacy extensions and features. 3rd party extensions are blocked for maximum security. Below are more features of the Avast SafeZone Browser:
  • Security provided by integrated anti-malware layers
  • Specialized browsing modes for safe transactions and protection from unsafe content
  • Convenient video downloads
  • Price comparison on trusted shopping sites
  • Ad-blocking
  • Filters that block pages with poor reputations

            Avast SafeZone Browser also includes add-ons like :
            • Ad Blocker : A built-in feature to block advertisements based on community monitored lists.
            • Video Downloader : Allows you to easily download video/audio content from your favorite sites – YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, Instagram and more. 
            • SafePrice : It monitors well-known shopping platforms to help you find better offers on products you search for. Find the best price while ensuring that your results are from trusted sellers. 
            • Passwords : An easy to use password manager as part of Avast 2016. This new feature stores your sensitive information securely and allows you to quickly log-in and fill forms. Passwords also offers many useful and convenient features to help you manage passwords across all your devices. 

            Avast SafeZone Browser Features

            How To Uninstall / Remove Avast SafeZone Browser

            If you are not so cool with the browser, you can easily remove it without uninstalling the whole Avast Antivirus software. 
            • Open Control Panel > Programs and Features 
            • Select Avast Antivirus / Internet Security
            • Click or Right Click Uninstall 
            • When the Avast Components Screen Pops Up, Untick SafeZone Browser 
            • Click Change 
            • Restart the computer when prompted 
              How to uninstall Avast SafeZone Browser
              The Browser is installed in a subfolder in the Avast Directory. You can get it at C:Program FilesAVAST SoftwareSZBrowsersetup. So you may copy and backup the Avast SafeZone Browser.exe setup. 
              To prevent installation of unnecessary components on your computer, always go for Custom or Advanced mode when installing any software. This way you can disable or deselect any additional tool or 3rd party software which may be downloaded along with the setup.


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