How To Backup and Restore Android IMEI with Mobile Uncle Tools

This post was requested by a dear reader via the comment section. So, I’ll be taking time to do something for him. Following one of the popular posts on this blog about Android IMEI Tweaking,  a reader asked how to restore the changed IMEI. Well, you can restore the IMEI the same way you changed it. But to make things easy, we actually recommend backing up your IMEI if you have rooted your device. For those that have root on their devices, restoring your IMEI is as easy as a triple click.
Here we go;
  1. Launch Mobile Uncle Tools
  2. Click IMEI backup Restore (MTK)
  3. Select Backup or Restore IMEI to SD Card. Note that on Android KitKat, your device has to be rooted before you can write to the External SD Card.
Backup and Restore MTK IMEI
If there’s an existing backup on your SD card, the backup date and time will be displayed under the restore option on the specific SD Card.

Take note of the 2 SD Card locations. One is your Internal Memory while the other is your External SD Card. But if you have root, you don’t have to worry about the locations. With root, you can backup (write) to your SD Card.

If you don’t have Mobile Uncle Tools on your device, you may use the Easiest method of changing IMEI of MTK devices here .


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