BBM 8 Flaws

Shortly after Blackberry released BBM 8, there has been complaints about its performance and even though I love the design so much, i cant hide the fact that the performance is not up to my expectation. I contacted my friends about the problems faced and i found out it wasn’t only happening in my phone. Most people don’t seem to like it.

I managed to sum up a few defects in this article. So, before you upgrade from BBM 7 or lower, check out these flaws / cons you’re likely to see in BBM 8.

1. Phone Hanging
Since i’ve been using blackbbery, my phone has never been slow. now it didn’t just slow down, it hung. And not only my phone. read reviews on Blackberry World to see how are crying over this. *Kidding*

2. Power Consumption

Simply put, my battery doesn’t last like it used to. I noticed the sudden change in JUST A DAY using the new BBM. I cant even use the little juice remaining. 

3. Heavy  Weight

Everybody loves a smooth running app, not one that crawls for seconds. You’ll have to deal with this whenever you scroll around the tabs. To avoid this, simply go through the menu and click Select Tab.

4. Forever Updates

Your phone never rests with this. From DP changes to group changes. The worst part of this is that i found myself back in a group i left more than a year ago. I even got ALL the group updates from the first day the group was created (cos i still remember some…). Can you believe that?. The previous BBM only notifies you when a user changes name, personal message, or DP. But now, the news just got better. :D. It just want to update till eternity.

5. Wrong Icon Notifications

The icon now gives false notifications. Don’t be surprised when you see the red thing on the icon and you click just to see it was only a bug. After replying all messages, the icon still shows i have a message once in a while.

6. Channels not Fully Integrated
I think we should be able to check our notifications right from messages.That is not the case here. whenever there’s an update in any of the channels you’re in, whether yours or joined, you just have to go through BBM and search for where it is. Now tell me how i’m supposed to see that quickly if i’m in  lot of channels. that’s just not easy.
Am I the only one experiencing this much? No. All thanks to BBM 8. Check Blackberry World for more on this.


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