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Once in a while on The Blackberry Messenger, there’s this problem about display pictures not changing. The problem tends to be general. Simply rebooting the phone doesn’t work .You might need to wait for days till your network provider corrects it OTA. But I was able to find a way out even when other users’ DPs (display pictures) are not changing.

How To Fix It: I came up with 3 methods to fix this. You’ll need to try the options out from the simplest (Option 1) to the last. If 1 doesn’t work for you, try the next, to the last which will surely work.

Option 1:
This is the simplest option here. All you have to do is update your Blackberry Service Book.
I made a post on how to do that on this blog. You can learn how to update Blackberry service book here. When you’re done with it, REBOOT your device.

Option 2:
Here you’ll need a SIM card from another network operator.

  1. Remove your current SIM card (the SIM with the active BIS),
  2. Insert the new SIM card,
  3. Leave the phone for some minutes and ensure your BIS status is Inactive or your Data services are deactivated. Try pinging a contact and see if the message status is X.
  4. Re-insert your main SIM card (with active BIS), and you’ll get the Blackberry registration Message. Your BBM should now be updated.
  5. You’ll need to update your email account settings.

Option 3:
If the steps above didn’t work for you (which work in most cases), here is the last resort (till your network provider does it for you).

  1. Uninstall the BBM (Blackberry Messenger),
  2. Reboot your device,
  3. Install a new version of the BBM.

Once the BBM updates (Recent updates), you can now change your Display Picture.


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