Behind The Scenes of Infinix #TheNextHero Video Shoot


A Karate man, a beautiful female boxer and a cute model, all in the same video. Like what is the connection between those three?
That is what to anticipate in the Infinix #TheNextHero Video Shoot.

Having a Karate man would mean something smart and with some arts.
A beautiful female boxer? Hnmm. That goes with the design. Meaning its beautiful. BUT not fragile. You’ll be surprised about how strong she is.
Cute model. Now, talking about the beauty of the phone as we’ve seen in the sneak preview, everyone can’t just deny the lovely design of the phone. Imagine sitting down somewhere and you spot a cute lady. Now take her to be a model.

Expect something strong, compact and beautiful.

Below are more pictures of #TheNextHero video Shoot:

Watch out for #ThenextHero


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