Best Way To Hide Files & Folders On Blackberry


To hide files on a blackberry is not a big deal. But people go extra miles, spend time, cause unnecessary problems like mistakenly locking up apps. To hide files is very easy and you don’t need apps to do it. I’ll take this in 2 ways.

One is from the media app and the other is through file explorer. Follow these simple steps :

METHOD 1 (Hiding from media app):

1- Open media

2- Press menu and scroll to explore. Select

3- On the desired file, press menu and scroll to ‘rename’

4- Rename the file extension e.g ‘jpg’ to anything you like. You can use jpgZ

This way the phone asks you if you’re sure of your action as it may ‘render your file unusable’. Just choose ‘ok’. By doing this, your files will not be visible in the media player.

METHOD 2 (Hiding from explorer):

To hide files and folders,

1- Go to media

2- Scroll to the desired file

3- Press ‘menu’, scroll to ‘properties’ and click

4- Scroll down and tick ‘Hidden’

5- Close.

This method hides your files and folders from even the inbuilt explorer.

NOTE: Try to backup your file before trying this.


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