Beware Of Scammers On Badoo

Badoo is a social networking service that let’s you meet and chat with millions of people. It is actually know for meeting new people based on your location, interests or at random. You can meet people through map / GPS or by specifying your location / preferences.

Like other social networks, life there is virtual. You don’t really know who the person you’re interacting with is on the other end.
Scammers are now turning Badoo to a business place. I’ve met more than 3 scammers there in the last few months. Well, that’s the number I could discover. This is the deal; guys use girls’ pictures and create multiple accounts. Then they find victims (male dudes) to dupe.

Few weeks ago, I met a girl online and we got talking for some time. After some minutes, she gave me a story like that saying she needed recharge card urgently. To cut the story short, I called the number she (he) gave me to send the card to and discovered she was a male.

The second and convincing case happened last week while in Abuja. I stumbled on some pics of one of my friends among those found around Abuja (by location). I was suprised to see her around and felt like wow! Lemme talk to her. I hesitated to jump to the greeting and decided to contact her personally if she was really around. On contacting her, she told me the state she was and that she doesn’t even know about badoo. I had to send her screen shots of the account with her pictures for her to report. The scammer got most of her pictures on facebook and decided to use it for his devlish purpose. The guys knew a little about her from her facebook profile and made it look like it was really her.

You might have come across stuff like this too. You meet someone online, he/she talks to you for a while, you share locations. They always want to know your location first so they can easily formulate theirs. You can never be in the same area.

If you like using badoo, its better you check the profiles carefully. Check the verification status. Not only the mobile number verification but facebook too. At least you know where the pictures are from. Be on the safe side.


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