Blackberry Releases OS, Any Changes?


Few days ago, not long after i upgraded my Blackberry OS to, Blackberry pushed update out to users. Though that wasn’t really large. In my case, it was just 71MB, while some had more or less. 

Observations on OS

There hasn’t been a real change log for this update and also some common issues are still not fixed. One of such issues is the Low Notificatiuon Volume on Q10. That still persists. Though I noticed a smoother UI experience with the new update. Can’t really explain that though.

Some apps were re-installed. I had uninstalled apps like Box and Foursquare before the update, then after that, i got them back. BBM Meetings was also pre-installed for me. If you don’t want them like me, you can re-uninstall 😀

Another thing I noticed was that Blackberry Hub access from existing 3rd party apps were disabled. I mean apps like igrann and inst10. I had the two apps working perfectly fine on my BB 10, but after the update, they vanished from the hub. Only Email, BBM, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other similar apps made it on the hub.

How I Got The 3rd Party Apps Back On The Blackberry Hub

At first, I tried playing around the apps to see if I could get a workaround for the Hub Integration, but I couldn’t. Working with inst10, I disabled and re-enabled Hub integration under advanced options in the settings, but, no help in the end. Well, I managed to get my applications working on the hub again. I had to sacrifice part of my data (MB) to do that. 

I uninstalled all the affected applications and then re-installed. Now everything is working fine. No issues.

The FIX = Uninstall, Reinstall


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