Can’t Login to Your Google Adsense Account? Try This

If you have been having difficulties accessing your Google Adsense account, know that it is only a temporary login issue and Google is aware of it. It happened to me a while ago when I tried to access my dashboard. I just couldn’t sign in. But I found a way around it.
Having login issues with Adsense account

Google uses one account for all its services. Meaning with one Gmail account, you can access all other services like Blogger, Google Drive, Youtube, Adsense and so on, as long as its one of Google’s. So in this case of not being able to login to your Adsense acount, you can try this:

  • Login to any other Google account like Gmail
  • Once you’re signed in, try and access the Google Adsense page.

Like I said earlier, Google is aware of this issue and it will be resolved as soon as possible. I hope this helps you.


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