Capture Nux : The Best Screen Capture App For Blackberry

Capture Nux

What’s the point of taking a snapshot on your phone when you have part of the screen covered by the same app that’s supposed to give you the clean output. To me, it makes no sense. I would only have a watermark on my pic / snapshot for copyright purposes.

The most popular screen shot apps out there are not totally free. They aren’t light. The ones without watermark either delay you, advertise through you (BBM Status) or limit the functionality. They tell you to register this or that and connects to the internet whenever you capture , grab , or munch the screen (still the same). Is that free?

Why settle for a bloatware on your blackberry when you can get a light & fast app for free. I am a very big fan of fast devices. And whenever I see someone using certain apps on their phones, I wonder why they had to stick with. Sometimes I ask them why. Some told me that’s the only one they know. I don’t want to mention app names here but for the one I’m recommending. From tests and reviews by me and some others, I can say that the best screen capture app for Blackberry is CaptureNux.

Capture Nux

CaptureNux is a FREE little software used for taking screen shots of your phone. It gives you the maximum output with the option of changing the quality, format and storage. It also has timer which you can always change anytime without any restriction. Some of its features are;

  • You may choose to save, email , edit or send the screenshot to social networks instantly.
  • Enable / disable Sound
  • Timer
  • High Picture Quality
  • Options to save, send , edit, or cancel
  • Storage Specification.
  • You can change the output format.

Canvas Nux

Canvas Nux is the most important picture editing app on the blackberry device. You might wonder why I said that. Well I’m saying that because of its features.
Canvas Nux is not a standalone app, but a part of Capture Nux that you get as long as you’ve installed CaptureNux. With Canvas Nux, you can crop, downscale (resize), insert image, texts, clip arts, circles, lines, set transparency and even arrows and much more.

How To change Capture Nux Settings:

For Capture Nux to work well on your phone, you need to grant application access.

Capture Nux setting is located under Options > Capture Nux. There you can enable / disable the sound, set timer, storage, image format and quality.

Whenever you capture your screen, you have the option of saving, editing, sharing or cancelling the the screen shot. If you would like to use only Canvas Nux to edit, just go straight to your download / specific folder and click on. Capture Nux and Canvas Nux have two separate icons.

Capture Nux was developed by iBNuX. It is FREE and easy to download. To download, visit Blackberry world, iBNux Apps on or search for OTA links.


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