How To Choose A Washing Machine



We always get used to comfort very quickly. Just try to wash your clothes by hands, and you will be forever grateful to a person, who managed to design this construction of metal and plastic, which does laundry for you. Just several decades ago dealing with laundry without making your hands wet was something unreal. And now you press on a button, choose a safe mode for your clothes, and a washing machine automatically defines how much water and detergent to use. Just don’t put white and colorful clothes together and relax!

How to choose a washing machine

Types of washing machines

As well as any other equipment, washing machines are available in different variations.

Top loading washing machines

Clothes are loaded into this machine from the top. They are good for those, who don’t like to bend over a device while putting clothes on and getting out. Wash cycles are usually shorter and vibrations are minimal. In addition, such machines occupy lesser space. However, cleaning performance may get worse when they are fully loaded and more water remains inside.

How to choose a washing machine

Front loading washing machines are more popular. It was proved that they consume less energy, water and detergent, meanwhile showing better results. They allow to wash more items without sacrificing performance, adjust washing cycles and cut down drying time. However, they produce more vibration and are more expensive.

How to choose a washing machine

Top loading washing machines

High-efficiency washers can accommodate large loads and bulky items, taking care of them almost as great as front-loaders do. They are more water- and energy-efficient. To make a long story short, it is an improved top-loader’s version with nice design, but more expensive and with longer washing cycles.

According to the principle of work, there are semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines. With primer ones, you need to remove clothes from the tube for drying or start a dryer separately. With fully automatic washer, you don’t need to do this.

How to choose a washing machine

First of all, think about which of the described above types will be more suitable for your place. In case you are not sure what you need or prefer more, don’t worry and scroll down to find out what else matters.

#1. Size. You need to think about how much laundry you have and how often you have to deal with it. Obviously, requirements for a single man and a family with three little kids will differ. And each of them will be convenient with a watching machine of appropriate capacity. Overloading can shorten a lifespan of a washing machine, while putting too little things is not water-, energy- and detergent-efficient.

How to choose a washing machine

#2. Specifications. They vary from model to model – the range of temperatures, material used for drums, time saving wash, design and functionality of control panel, noise reduction technology, touchpad, Wi-Fi. There is probably a lot more. Think about what you really need, for additional features may be like a high-priced toy for you.

#3. Speed. Before making a decision, specify all information about available modes and related features.

#4. Efficiency. Lately, a lot of people prefer to pay more attention to environmental issues. Moreover, buying a water- and energy-efficient washer saves you some money. It may cost more expensive, but later you will understand that the initial price was worse investing.

#5. Design. It always matters. It is something in human nature – we always want to get nice-looking and stylish things. And let’s be honest: appliances, which look harmonious with general design, make people happier.

Where to buy washing machines

How to choose a washing mchine

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