How to Create Bootable USB Drive with PowerIso

Recently, I came across a guy trying to install Windows 7 on his PC through a flash drive to no avail. I had to spend some time to see what he was battling with on the system and in the end, I found out the problem and helped him out. What the guy did was, he copied the and pasted the installation files straight to the USB Drive just like most people do and expect the PC to boot from it like that. But it doesn’t work that way. Simply put, you need to make the drive bootable so the PC can boot from it. There are numerous free softwares out there that get the job done well and easy, but PowerISO is the easiest I’ve seen so far. Plus, the output always work. There’s also this popular Windows 7 USB-DVD Download Tool which works too, but it doesn’t work with some of my Images. So, I use what works best.
Now here is how a to make USB Drive Bootable with PowerISO: 

Before you start, you need an Image or ISO of the files you wish to put in the USB Drive.

  • Open Power Iso
  • Click on Tools
  • Select Create Bootable USB Drive
  • On the Source Image File field, navigate to the Image / ISO file. If you don’t have an Image file, you can create one from the Installation files with the PowerISO.
  • Select the destination USB Drive. make sure you select the right drive because the drive will be formatted. You don’t wanna choose the wrong drive here.
  • Click Start.
Power ISO Bootable USB 1
Power ISO Bootable USB 1
PowerISO Bootable USB 1

Now if you check the Drive J in the image above, you’ll see it is just like a DVD Drive. So you can install your Windows straight from there. If you would like to Boot from startup, select your boot device as USB HDD, not Notebook Hard Drive.

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