Diamonk Bank Users Beware of This Fraudulent Mail

There is a fraudulent email in circulation about “N10, 050.00 Debited for Diamond Customer’s Digest” .
This mail notifies customers that they have subscribed to a DiamondOnline Customer Digest monthly bulletin at a charge of NGN 10,050.00 monthly, and requests that customers click on the link to confirm or unsubscribe. 

Please disregard and delete all such emails as these are scam messages intended to defraud you. Banks never request for your account information or an update of your personal banking details via email or telephone. 

Here is a sample of the fraudulent email:

This mail has been tailored to look real so people who know they didn’t subscribe to any monthly digest would quickly click on the link to reject the registration request. Smart!
In order not to fall for this type of scam, note that no bank will tell you to update account or transactions via email. 
Always check the email address of the sender. in this case the sender’s address is nabram@bluemarble.net . That mail is obviously not from Diamond Bank. 
When required to click on links, check the url and also, where it leads to. It is advisable to copy the url and don’t click directly from your email. Some fraudsters shorten urls just so you don’t know where it leads. If you find any shortened url in an email, always unshorten it. 


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