Do You Love Sharing Files Via Removable Devices? Beware Of Info Stealers

Do You Love Sharing Files Via Removable Devices? Beware Of Info Stealers

To all those that love connecting all sorts of removable media to their PC, there are some things you need to know even if you’re so conscious of your actions. Some claim ‘not clicking’ on exe is the thing to do. But that will only save you if you can identify that program (exe) out of all the files you have in the removable drive. I’ll get back to that instance.

I was in a rush to get movies from a friend through her External Hard Disk few days ago and even though my computer is secured, I was hesitant to scan the drive because she assured me it was clean. My Antivirus blocked some Autorunners. Though no program was executed, I went ahead and explored the folders and when I found the location of the movies I wanted to copy, I was about to open the folder when  I saw a kind of folder looking almost like a windows folder and a thought came to my mind that “”hey! Why not scan the entire drive since you’ll be going this far?””. So I decided to scan it. And that’s when and where I found out what I was about to do from the scan results.

Below is a snapshot of the scan result:

info stealer scan result

I wondered where the files were.  So I reopened the drive and found some creepy looking icons (malware) made to look like real folders just for you to double click on them. Then you get infected. The icon looks more like that of Windows XP. So if you run windows XP, you need to be careful of the things you run / open on your system. Below is also a snapshot of the folder icon.

info stealer icons

The malware replicates file names for you to think it’s a subfolder. What a nice trick. I’m glad I didn’t fall for that. From the scan result, it is an INFO STEALER, a Win32:InfoStealer-U [Trj], a virus (Trojan) and the severity is very HIGH. I guess you’ll not see the impact immediately you click on it (from the name, info theft). But at the same time, looking at the severity, there might be more to the virus. It’s made to run secretly. And if it is not, you just gave a malware the pass with your finger.

So, I advise that whenever you want to connect any removable medium to your computer, always make sure you scan it before any other thing. And please consider vaccinating your computer.


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