Download Instagram Videos on Android With Instagram+ and OGInsta+

Download Instagram Videos on Android With Instagram+ and OGInsta+

If you’re the type that loves copping all interesting pictures and videos from Instagram, you must have installed a couple of apps to do that on your Android device. But now, downloading pictures and Videos from Instagram just got easier. And if you don’t know how to download media from Instagram, this post is for you.

As we all know, Instagram doesn’t allow you to save / download its media to your device. And to download, you get the link to that media and paste in another software. Blackberry 10 users don’t have to do this as there are natives apps that does the job perfectly. Blackberry 10 users can download contents from Instagram with apps like iGrann or inst10.

Here we are on Android, with Instagram+ and OGInsta+ . These apps are modded versions of the native Android Instagram client. They have been modified to allow media downloads from Instagram. Thanks to

Download Instagram Videos on Android With Instagram+ and OGInsta+

Features of Instagram+ / OGInsta+

  • View and enlarge profile pictures. 
  • Zoom pictures
  • Download feature 
  • Downloads from Private accounts
  • Auto start videos with sound 
  • Direct share URL

How to Download Pictures & Video on Instagram

  • Launch Instagram+
  • Click the menu button (3 dots) on the media
  • Tap download
  • Media is saved automatically

If you’re running Android 4.4 , media will be downloaded in the in-built storage.

Difference between Instagram+ and OGInsta+ 

Is there any difference between this two? Actually, there is none when it comes to functionality. The only slight difference is that Instagram+ doesn’t work along side the real Instagram. you will have to install one of the two. OGInsta+ can be installed while the real Instagram is already installed. I would suggest youretain the real Instagram app and install OGInsta+ on the other side.

Where to Download Instagram+ and OGInsta+

You can download the modded apps  from the links below:


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