How to Download Instagram Videos and Pictures on Blackberry 10


Are you an Instagram Lover?

Would you love to save / keep those nice and interesting videos or pictures you see on Instagram?

Do you own a Blackberry 10 device?

If you fall in the class above, there’s a chance that you’ll love to save videos from Instagram. Downloading videos from Instagram is not a big deal on Blackberry 10 as we now have Native Instagram clients that deliver the IG experience the same way we have it on other platforms. examples of such IG clients built for Blackberry are Inst10 and iGrann.

In this post, I’ll be using iGrann. Though Inst10 does the same job, but it’s pretty limited if you’re using the free version. You’ll need to upgrade to pro to enjoy most of it.


How to Download

You need to have a native Instagram Client built for Blackberry 10 to do this.
  • Touch and hold the picture or video you wish to download anywhere on the screen. For videos, do not hold the centre of the screen. the playback button is at the centre there. so holding it won’t give you any option. it only responds when you tap to play the video. So let it be along the sides.
  • When the option slides in from the slide, click Download
  • Select your desired destination folder.
  • Save


Now go through these pictures. The first is the picture on Instagram, And the last is the full picture after I saved it. The process is the same for Videos. I’ve actually disabled Video Preload under my iGrann settings. But you can always identify videos with the play button.

NOTE: To download videos, do not hold the centre of the screen / video, click on the sides.


Like in the picture above, you can tap and hold anywhere apart from the area in red.


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