Facebook Launches Reactions in Addition to the Like Button

How to get Facebook Reactions

The Facebook Reactions is now available worldwide for all users after it was officially launched on Feb 24, 2016. The facebook reactions which has been on testing for almost a year is a way of sharing your emotion on a post unlike the like button.

With the new Facebook reactions options you can now express how you feel using emojis. The new Reaction lets you choose between 6 different expressions / emojis like Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad, and Angry. The traditional Like button is still available, but you now have more ways to express your feelings about a post.

How to use facebook reactions

How to Use Facebook Reactions 

The new Facebook Reactions is available on Both Desktop and Mobile

On Desktop
To use Facebook Reactions on desktop, simply hover on the Like button and the reactions button will pop up on a bar above. Once you see the pop-up, move the cursor across the buttons and select your emoji.

On Mobile 
Longpress (tap and hold down) the Like button and see the emoji pop-up. While still holding down the like button, slide your finger across the buttons and select.

When you use the reactions, the count of users of each reaction would be shown below the post. Also, you can simply tap the Like button if you just wish to like the post instead of holding down the button.

The Facebook Like Vs Reactions Button 

The Facebook Reaction is not a dislike button and it has not come to retire the Like button. Rather, it is only addition to show emotions and reaction. A dislike button would have been a blunt way of expressing thoughts on facebook.

Using the reactions doesn’t mean facebook will block a post from showing up on your news feed. It works in the same way as the like button cos it only tells the owner of the post if you liked or disliked his post. But all are treated the same way as the like button for now. Though this may change with time.
For now, the reactions can only be used for the post and not the comments under it. So, if you have a thing with a comment, you can either use the like button, reply or ignore.

Now with the reactions available for everyone, we hope users won’t use this as a means of attacking rivals, competitors and as you know, political opponents.

What do you think about the Facebook Reactions?


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