File System Out Of Resources – Solution

When you see this error File system out of resources on your blackberry, your phone detects your media card, but can’t read / write to it. The thumbnail stop working. When you take pictures, they can’t be saved to the card . Even if you click on a filename in the gallery, you get a thumbnail icon (pictures).

Or when u try to play a track from your media card, it plays the pre-loaded track. This simply means the files in the card can’t be loaded. The card simply becomes unusable (at that moment). This is common on Blackberry 8520 series. It could occur when you:

  • Have a lot of files and directories in your media card,
  • Install an app that uses the media card for its database. Mostly social / IM apps e.g Whatsapp, Wechat and facebook chat (the standalone facebook chat). In this case, the app creates folders and files in the card. These files leave fragments. The error is caused by those fragments in the media card.


You need to Defragment the media card. You may use tools like Auslogics disk defragmenter.

Do not use the default Windows Disk Defragmenter because it won’t work. Though it will show you defragmentation completed. 

For efficient defragmentation, you need to have at least 10% free space on the card.


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