How To FIX Invalid IMEI on MTK Devices PERMANENTLY

Do you love working around your phone? Do you love flashing custom ROMs on your device? Well, there’s a chance that you may flash your IMEIs along the line. That’s when you get the INVALID IMEI everytime you do a factory reset. Then your phone is as good as a toy. You have no IMEI.

If i’m right, you’re probably looking for a way to get your IMEI back permanently because each time you write your IMEI with tools like MTK Droid Tools or Mobile Uncle, you lose the IMEI on each factory reset or ROM Flash. This is one hot post for you. While flashing a new ROM on my device, I had mistakenly flashed the NVRAM, but I’m now with my stock IMEI just like it was. And I don’t need to worry about resetting my device or flashing a new ROM.

How To Restore IMEI and Fix Invalid IMEI Permanently

This is kinda confusing to do. But easy to do once you have the required tools. Here we’ll need the following:
  1. Maui Meta 3G ( I used MAUI META 3G Version 7)
  3. DATABASE FILE for your phone (You can get this in your ROM package) ,
  4. Have USB Debugging enabled on your phone.
Now once you have all that, you’re good to go. Follow the steps below. Though it looks kinda long, but you can actually complete 3 or 4 steps at once. So, here we go:
  • Turn off your device.
  • Launch Maui Meta 3G
  • Click on options and select connect with phone in meta mode.
  • On the top right area of the screen, click onย  RECONNECT.


Fix Invalid IMEI




  • While your phone is OFF, connect it to your PC with your cable. Your phone will boot and get stuck on the Boot logo. It’s safe, don’t worry ๐Ÿ™‚ . You’re in the Meta mode.
  • If you have installed your ANDROID GADGET CDC DRIVERS, it will be installed once you connect your device to the computer. If you didn’t notice anything or you get any error, don’t worry. Read how to install Gadget CDC / VCOM drivers here
  • After you’ve completed the step above, disconnect your phone, remove the battery and start again. This time around, when you get to step above, the driver will be installed and your phone will be detected, though it might be on a different port, that doesn’t mean anything.


NOTEย that if the driver was just installed, you need to restart the process. Cos your phone will only be detected when the driver had been installed initially.


  • A popup will come up showing the state of your phone. Close it. It’s safe too ๐Ÿ™‚ .
  • Click the drop down menu and select IMEI DOWNLOAD.


Fix Invalid IMEI


  • Click CHANGE NVRAM and select the database file for your phone. You can find this in the ROM package of your phone if you’ve downloaded one.


Fix Invalid IMEI

Fix Invalid IMEI
  • Once you’ve loaded the NVRAM database file, click on whichever SIM you wish to change and in the space for IMEI, enter the correct IMEI for your phone.
Fix Invalid IMEI
  • Repeat the same for the second SIM_2. Then close the Maui Meta tool and disconnect your device.
  • Remove and reinsert the battery and turn on your device.
This process works on all MTK phones we’ve tried it on. But if you encounter any problem, feel free to leave a comment. The main reason why this may not work is the Gadget CDC driver not installed.


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  1. Hey..I don't have that two Files in my Stock ROM…!!
    I am using Micromax Canvas Spark Q380
    Every time i try to find that Files in the Stock ROM
    But..I am unable to do that
    Please..Do download my Phone's Stock ROM and check there that what kind of File will Work for me !!
    Please…Help me

  2. David Claude on

    Thanks! just solved my issue completely. had the stovk ROM file, so easily got the NVRAM database and it was just smooth. Thanks!

  3. DATABASE FILE for your phone (You can get this in your ROM package) ,

    How do I get it ? Plus my phone’s battery is non removable ๐Ÿ™ is it still possible that this method will work ?

    • Simply download the stock rom for your device, then unzip it. After unzipping, look for the database file in there. Let me know how it goes.


  4. jigar iglesias on

    pls help imei download not showing in maui meta software, and where can i find that files in stock rom
    pls help +91 7383010743

  5. Thanks for your nice post but my phone is lenovo yoga b6000 How to know the nvram file
    As the file is embeded in Epr1 file in the firmware you cant select it alone i tried to install nvram file alone by editting the mtk scatter file but failed to edit it
    Many thanks

    • You don’t have to touch or edit the scatter file. All you need to do is select the database file from the folder where you extracted the stock rom

    • You also don’t need to remove your battery. Just make sure your device is switched off. We only recommend removing the battery to make sure nothing stops the process

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