Fix Malwarebytes Runtime Error Easily

Recently, my Malwarebytes stopped working on my PC. I noticed the icon was no longer showing on the tray. At first, i thought it was just a program startup issue so when i launched it, i got the ‘Runtime Error’ . I restarted the system hoping it will be corrected, but i kept getting the same error.

I can recall it stopped working the day i didn’t shut down the PC correctly. Though, some techies claim the runtime error could be from a malware attack or bad RAM, but i don’t think so (in my case though).

How To Fix Malwarebytes Runtime Error

As a normal computer user would do, simply trying to re-install the program won’t work  and uninstalling just to install a fresh copy wont work either. I tried both. Then i realized the initial installation / copy left some stuffs on my PC. Meaning, to get it working again, i”ll have to clean all the leftovers or fragments that may be causing the error.

I wanted to use software uninstallers at first but i didnt want to go into my registry that much. They have their lil disadvantages though. So i searched for a better solution and got one – MBAM Clean, the official Malwarebytes cleaner. Below are the simples steps to follow:

NOTE: If you’re using a new version of Malwarebytes, it’s better to have your key cos you’ll need to activate it upon re-installation (after cleaning).

  1. Download MBAM Clean here.
  2. Uninstall Malwarebytes. 
  3. Run MBAM Clean and follow the prompts to clean malwarebytes from your computer.
  4. Reboot your computer
  5. Reinstall Malwarebytes. If you encountered the runtime error as a result of malware attack, it’s advisable to rename the Malwarebytes setup /exe format. Just click rename and insert .com at the end of the name. e.g mbam… .

If you had a license before cleaning, you’ll need to re-insert it. I hope this works for you. 


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