How to Flash ROMs on Infinix Phones Using X Flash

For the Infinix fans out there, flashing ROMs / updating your device software is now very much easier. Thanks to the official Infinix Flash Utility X Flash.
X Flash is an executable file which contains all the data which makes up your ROM. With X Flash, you only need to connect your device at the right time. It’s as simple as that. Nothing to tick and untick.

How to Use X Flash 

You would need to download the X Flash tool specific for your device. Also, you must have the MTK Preloader Driver installed on your computer. If you don’t have / know how to install the drivers, you can read how to manually install VCOM Drivers here.
Here, we’ll be working with the Infinix Hot Note Pro (2GB+16GB variant). And we’re flashing the Lollipop 5.1 2016-01-15 update (X551-BC-L-20160115). Though we had upgraded the device initially, But we deliberately bricked it to see how good the X flash works.
If you use Infinix X551 and still kinda confused which variant you have, you can download yours here:
X551-A1-L-20160115 for Infinix Hot Note 1+16GB
X551-BC-L-20160115 for Infinix Hot Note Pro 2+16/32GB

Before you proceed, be sure you downloaded the right version for your Infinix X551 device. Check if the file is named BC-L… or A1-L… . Our device uses the BC cos it is the 2GB variant. If your device is the 1GB Hot Note, use A1-L-20160115 

Place the file on your computer and;
1 – Launch the X Flash tool (exe) and wait till the extraction is completed

X Flash - 1
X Flash - 2
2 – This is where you connect your device while it’s powered off. If your phone is bricked or won’t go beyond the boot stage, or it keeps restarting, hold the power button for some seconds and as soon as the screen goes off, connect the phone to the PC.

X Flash - 4
3 –
Sit back and relax while it flashes your device. And Do not disconnect. It is recommended to be on a stable power supply for this or better still, good batteries.

X Flash - 3
X Flash - 5
4 –
Now disconnect your device. If you were on 4.4 KitKat, now you have a fresh new OS on your device. Power it on and wait for some minutes for the first run.

X Flash - 6
X Flash - 7
After the whole process, our device works as smooth as it was before the brick. So, using X Flash is better, but kinda slower than using SP flash tools cos of the times it takes to extract the package. Another tip is that it’s safer. With the X Flash tool, there is no risk of losing IMEI cos accidentally selecting Flash on Sp Flash Tool is trouble for the Noob.
And if you have ever lost your IMEI at one point in time, you can always restore it straight from your device (NO-ROOT Required) or from your PC (Root Required) or here (permanent IMEI Fix).


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