Get UBA Transaction Alerts Via Twitter

UBA now lets you receive alerts straight into your Twitter DM whenever you make a transaction anywhere, anytime. This is another Value Added service from UBA.
You can still receive normal text messages (alerts) as this new service is not mandatory. All you need is your UBA account number and a Twitter account. Below are the requirements:

Requirements for UBA Twitter Notifications

  1. Twitter account,
  2. A UBA account, 
  3. UBA SMS alerts,
How to receive UBA twitter notifications

Steps To Enrol For UBA Twitter Notification

Follow the steps below to enable UBA twitter notifications:

  1. Visit the registration / start page
  2. Enter your account number,
  3. Enter code shown on the image / captcha and click on continue.
  4. Follow the instructions to log in to your personal twitter account and allow access,
  5. Make your transaction.


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