Get Up to 5GB Data with 70 Naira on MTN

UPDATED March 1 2016 With New Settings

On a normal day with a normal MTN subscription, how much will get you 5GB of data? That’s some thousands of Naira. And how does getting 5GB with less than 100 Naira sound? For those who ain’t that techy and can’t seem to use Glo BIS on other devices, or perhaps they don’t use a Glo line, here is something better.

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Right now, you can get 5GB data for just 70 Naira on the MTN network. This doesn’t require any thing special and is absolutely a No Brainer. All you need is a subscription, a software, and a little configuration. the subscription needed for this is the MTN BBLITE. And the good thing is, you can subscribe daily, weekly or monthly. Check the subscription codes below:

  • Daily  Plan (100 Naira) : Send BBLITED to 21600
  • Weekly Plan (350 Naira) : Send BBLITEW to 21600
  • Monthly Plan (1000 Naira) : Send BBLITEM to 21600

Once you send the subscription text, you’ll get a confirmation text in some minutes. With the subscription active, continue with the steps below:

Android Configuration:

NOTE: If you’re using an old version of NetLoop VPN (formerly Simple Android Server), you need to update it so these new settings can work. 

1. Create a new Access Point with these settings:
  • Proxy: and Port:8080
  • APN:

2. Open NetLoop VPN. You can download here. Set it as follows:

  • Launch NetLoop
  • Click Profile and name create a profile or simply ignore. The default profile is named Profile 1
  • On the Connection settings, enter as Proxy Host and 8080 as Proxy Port.
  • For Injection Settings, leave the Enable Header Tweaking option ticked. For the Tweak Type, choose Host Replacement.
  • In the Injection Host field, enter
  • Now go back to the start page and click Local Server Settings
  • For the Listen Port, enter 8080
  • If your device is rooted, you may tick the Use Global Proxy. This enables the NetLoop to force all apps to make HTTP Requests through it.

If you would like to use VPN mode, create a new profile and follow these steps below; 
  • Go to Connection settings
  • Click Injection Host and enter

With the setting correct, click on the start server button and start surfing. Know that this server doesn’t power all Android apps alone by default. To use the tweak for all apps, you need to root your device and enable Global Proxy.

PC Configuration:

Note that we have two different procedures for this. If you intend using Google Chrome for this, you need to setup your connection with your modem from the Internet options as this might not work if you connect to the internet from the modem dashboard. To make this work, go to internet settings and setup a connection. Mozilla will work with a connection by a modem as it has its own network settings menu, but Chrome uses Default Internet Explorer settings. 

  • Ensure your internet APN is set as instead of
  • Connect to the internet.
  • Launch Simple Server. You can Download Simple Server here
  • Now configure your browsers or other programs to use Proxy. For the new Mozilla Firefox, goto Options > Advanced > Network > Connecion 
  • For Chrome, goto Settings > Advanced > Network > Change Proxy Settings
  • Select Manual / proxy Configuration and enter as Proxy and 8080 as Port
  • Tick ‘use this proxy server for all protocols’
  • Save settings and you’re good to go

These images below will guide you on configuring your browser:

Mozilla Firefox Settings for Simple Server
Mozilla Firefox Settings

Google Chrome Settings for Simple Server
Google Chrome Settings

Note that the NetLoop VPN must always be open everytime you want to access the internet. You can minimize, but don’t close it.

Enjoy this while it lasts. And if you have any other questions on this, ask by dropping a comment below.

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