Gmail Users Beware!!! Hackers Are On The Prowl

Gmail Users Beware!!! Hackers Are On The Prowl

I was in the streets today when a fellow blogger sent me a link to check out. He asked me if it was really from Google. The link was shortened and I had to unshorten it.

The link was in the short form. When unshorten ed it, it became I actually made it red and not hyperlink because of the threat it poses.

The page is cloned to look like the Google login page. Since a single Google account grants you access to all other services, the login page looks very close to the real page.

Their aim is to trick you to enter your login details in the form. That’s all they want. Once you input your details, the script saves your details. An un observant user would mistake it for a secure link.

Gmail Users Beware!!! Hackers Are On The Prowl

How To Prevent Being Hacked With This Trick

If you happen to land on the deadly page, and you’re observant enough, you’ll notice these differences;

  • Checking the page closely, you’ll see a little difference in the normal google layout.
  • The text on the login button is ‘loin’, not login. Google would never make such mistake. Though they might change this anytime soon.
  • Checking your browser url bar, the site/page isn’t secure. Google login page is way pass that.

These tips below can help you safeguard your account:

  • To avoid being hacked by these rascals, don’t rush to enter your details on any page. Even if you think the site is a google partner site. If you arrive on the page from a hyperlink, ensure that you check the url on top of the page. 
  • Whenever you receive any short url, before opening the url, make sure you unshorten it.
  • Change your password frequently. You can do that every 2 weeks.


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