How To Access Gmail Web Version On Mobile

How to view Gmail desktop version on mobile devices

Viewing Gmail on mobile automatically directs you to their mobile site even if you include www. The mobile view limits email viewing and sometimes you may need to access the full web version from your phone.

This mini tutorial is about how you can have the web version on your mobile device. This process is simple and you just have to ensure that you’re logged in on the phone.


  1. Visit from your browser. Note that this will take you to the mobile version. Continue.
  2. Enter your credentials and sign in.
  3. After signing in, visit / enter  this URL :

That’s all. As long as you’re already logged in on the device, you’ll be shown the full desktop version.
If you didn’t login, you’ll be directed to the google accounts login page which bis mobile. Just enter you details and login. After that, visit the site in Step 3.

This works 100%


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