How To Add Banners Or Images With Links On Web Pages

Are you wondering how to add a banner with a link as seen on most websites referring to a partner site or for advertisement? Most people don’t get it. They just add an image. In that case, what you have on your blog is only an image with no link / landing page.

To add a banner / image with link, you need to include the link / address in the <a:href> tag. You can edit the sample below and insert in your web page.

This is a typical example of a banner with a link:

<a href=”http://SITE" /><img src="http://IMAGE“/></a>

Replace the SITE with the url you want to direct the reader / viewer.

Replace IMAGE with the direct url / link of the image/banner.

You may also decide to make it nofollow or dofollow for SEO purposes.

I hope this helps.


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