How To Browse With Free Glo Bounce Data (MB)


Glo Bounce gives you free 30MB each time you recharge 200 Naira upwards. The 30 MB can be used to browse on all devices, be it mobile or Computer.

Without the right settings on your device, you may not be able to use the free MB till it expires. And even with your credit, you still may not be able to browse.

BEFORE now, to use the free data (MB), you'll need to set your APN as 'gloflat'. That worked well until all of a sudden. It was stopped. 'Gloflat' was the APN for data bundles while 'glosecure' worked only for 'Pay as you go'. But now, things have changed.

How To Set Your Device To Use Free Glo Bounce MB

1- Insert the SIM card with the MB in your device or modem,

2- Depending on the type of device you have, set the access point (APN) to 'glosecure' (without the quotes) ,

3- Save the settings.

With these short steps above, you're good to go.


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