How To Browse With Opera On BlackBerry Without BIS

How To Browse With Opera On BlackBerry Without BIS

As we all know the BlackBerry version of Opera Browser doesn’t come with connectivity options unlike UC Browser. It connects to the internet automatically as long as your BIS (Blackberry Internet Subscription) is active.

But what if you don’t have an active BIS? But you have credits (airtime) or data (megabytes) and also wish to use any of the two. You should be able to browse with it. That’s right!. On UC Browser, you simply switch from BIS to whichever plan you desire.

Now how do you go about it on Opera?

1- Go to the settings tab

2- Scroll down & click Advanced

3- Scroll down again and press Network test…

Now opera searches for and tests any available connection you have. If its working, it sets it as your preferred mode and tells you if ‘You have a working internet connection’ .

Now you can browse without BIS with Opera on your BlackBerry Device.

NOTE: This is not a Free Browsing Tweak! Its only a tutorial on how to find your way around the app.

how to use opera mini without bis


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