How To Buy Apps From Blackberry World In Nigeria


The Blackberry World offers both free and paid apps users. Free apps are mostly limited in functionality as the main features are being locked or removed. It’s not a big deal if you already know what you’ll get from such free app. The big deal is when an app is tagged free and you end up disappointed because it’s simply useless or a trial.You just have to pay to really use the app.

If you’re a 3rd party theme lover, as you know / will discover the best themes don’t come for free.

When you see an app that you really want, you may not mind paying for it, but in countries like Nigeria, there’s a question that comes from most users – ‘How do I pay?’

Blackberry World charge in dollars ($). When you try to purchase an app, you’ll see the logos of the recognized payment options which are Paypal and Credit card.

How Do I Pay? :

If you’re in Nigeria, you can use your Naira Mastercard on the blackberry world. I use it a lot. To do this, you need to setup your ‘payment options’ in the Blackberry world. Since it is Naira Mastercard, the $ equivalent will be charged.

Setting up the payment options:

1- In the Balckberry world, click on My Account

2- Click Payment options

3- Select your preferred option. For Naira Mastercard, choose Credit Card

4- Click next

5- On the next screen, fill in your details in the form provided.

6- On the card type, choose Mastercard.

7- Fill in your Postal code. If you don’t know your post code, you can learn how to get ZIP / postal codes in Nigeria here


8- You’ll need to enter your card number (the long digits in front of your card),

9- Enter the expiry date (month / year),

10- And also your security code / PIN (this is the last 3 digits of the number found at the BACK of the card).

Making the purchase:

Now when you’re done with the payment options, and you’re ready to buy that app, you can go about it this way;

1- Locate the desired app (paid app). Click on the price button (usually ‘download’ button for free apps),

2- You’ll be prompted to enter you Blackberry ID password. Enter it and press next,

3- Now you’ll see the Purchase terms / agreement from RIM asking you to either Agree or Reject. You know what to choose here. Choose ‘I Agree

4- Then the Decision. You’ll see details about the purchase you’re about to make. And about you payment option (and other options still available). Check it out. Though it’s usually correct.

5- Click ‘Purchase’

And that’s it!You should now receive an e-mail (Purchase Receipt) From Blackberry about the purchase.


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