How To Change Post URL On Blogger Using Permalink

A permalink is the url that links to your post or page on the web. On Blogger, this is set automatically by default based on your post title. That is if your post tile is How To Blog, your permalink / post url will automatically be http://???/20??/??/how-to-blog.html.

When You May Need To Use Permalink

  • For better SEO. You may use this to specify your short keywords inside the url even if the title is long and boring. 
  • When you’ve deleted a popular post which gives you a lot of traffic and instead of wasting it, you simply point your new post url to the old one. e.g. if the deleted / old url is http://***/deleted-url.html , and the new url is http://***/new-url.html. All you need to do is change the permalink of the new url to http://***/deleted-url.html . Permalink can be used to correct error 404 (not found). Even if you have a custom 404 page, you need to know that some visitors leave the page once they cant get the article they seek. 
  • Making a friendly url: Readers like urls that can be read and remembered easily. So you can simply use a mix of words your readers can benefit from. Not just for search engines.

How To Use Permalink

Before you can edit the permalink of a post, the post must be in draft form. if it has already been published, you need to revert it to draft.

  1. In the Blogger post editor, click on the Permalink tab under the Post settings on the right. You’ll see your default url based on the title of your page / post.
  2. Select the Custom Permalink and enter yor new / desired url. Note that you’ll need to separate each keyword with an hyphen like in the image below and end with .html .
  3. Click the Done button. 
  4. Now Publish the post.
How To Change Post URL On Blogger Using Permalink
Now when you publish your post, the url won’t be set after the title, but your specified keywords.


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