How To Change, Remove Or Delete Labels Of Posts On Blogger

Inserting labels to blogger posts is easy if you haven’t published the posts. However it seems harder to remove or change without editing each posts manually. What if you decide to change the labels of a number of posts or you simply want to delete a particular label off your posts? You wouldn’t want to edit the posts one after the other as that is very tiring.

Blogger post labels can easily be removed or changed from the dashboard. All you have to do is tick the post you’re working on and deselect the label already attached to it.

In this tutorial, i’ll be working on a post which belongs to the label General Info. I’ll be showing how to change the label of the post and also how to delete an existing label.

Below are the simple steps to follow:

Changing Post Labels

  • Logon to your Blogger Dashboard
  • Click on the Posts tab
  • Now scroll to the post you want remove the label from and tick
How To Change, Remove Or Delete Post Labels On Blogger
  • Scroll up again and click on the arrow (drop-down) button which simply represents the label
  • Now select the new label you want from the list of existing labels. If you want to create a new label, simply select New Label on top of the list and enter the label name.

Removing Labels From Posts

This process is not really different from that of changing labels. The only diference is at the fifth step.

  • Read up to the 5th step above
  • Instead of selecting another or new label, Deselect the existing label the post already belongs to as you have it in the image below.
How To Change, Remove Or Delete Post Labels On Blogger

You’ll notice that the post already belongs to the label General Info, but since what i want to do is Remove the label, i clicked on the same label. that removes the label from the post.

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