How To Check The Index Status of Your Site On Search Engines

Search engines index your site contents regularly. For example, when you submit your sitemap, your site is being crawled and pages, cached. You may want to check how many pages of your site is already indexed. You can do this anywhere, anytime without logging in to webmaster tools. All you need is the search box of the search engine (e.g Google or Bing).

How To Check

To check, type in the search box of your browser. You only type your naked For example, my website is, all I need to enter is the (without the prefix www.).

So you now have . Then hit Search.

You’ll see how many pages is being indexed at the moment, depending on the number of pages you have. If your static pages or any unwanted pages is being indexed, you can block it with your robots.txt file. Then check again after some days.


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