How To Convert PDF To AutoCAD And Other Formats

How To Convert PDF To AutoCAD And Other Formats

Working with PDF sometimes to users may seem limited as it can’t be read without the reader. How would you love to have that pdf document as text or any other format just the same way you have it in the pdf? Instead of copying and pasting the whole content. That may be tiring.

I work with pdf almost all the time. To do all that easily, I got a handy tool called Able2Extract PDF Converter.

Able2Extract lets you convert txt or pdf to various formats like Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, AutoCAD (DXF and DWG), Publisher (PUB) , Open Office (ODT, ODP, and ODS) and also, to Image formats (BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF).  It is one of the most powerful pdf converters I’ve come across. With its light weight and easy to use User interface.  

How to Use Able2extract:

  • Launch Able2Extract
  • On the main screen click open and select the file to be converted.

ab2extract open file

  • You can simply select the portion / area to be converted. To convert the whole document, select All and to convert an area of the document, select ‘area’ and highlight the portion.
ab2extract area selection

  • Now select your desired format.
ab2extract output format selection

The output from this software is editable. Try converting a pdf document with pictures and text to .doc and see how powerful it is. It also supports Batch Conversion.

Able2Extract runs on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.


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