How To Create JAD From COD Files On PC


BBsak UI

If you’re the type that downloads 3rd party apps outside the Blackberry World, you might / might have come across apps compressed in zip or rar format. To install apps like that, you need to extract the contents of the archive.

Then you install the app through the Blackberry Desktop Manager by clicking on the ‘alx’ file in the folder. The alx file is the only installation file visible to the ‘Blackberry Desktop Manager’.

But what happens if you can’t find the alx file?

This is where Blackberry tools come in. You can make use of a light tool called ‘BBSAK’ (Blackberry Swiss Army Knife). With BBSAK, you can only create JAD. Follow these simple steps below to create the installer file. Also check the UI in the image.


1- Launch BBSAK (as Administrator)

2- Enter your device password (if any) or click ok (no password)

3- Click on ‘Modify CODs’ tab

4- On the right side of the UI, click ‘Add COD Files and navigate to the folder containing the COD files

5- Fill out the app details and choose the destination folder (primary folder preferably)

6- Click ‘create JAD.

And you’re done.

Now on your phone, go to the file explorer, open the specific folder, then click the JAD file and install.


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