How To Detect The Hardware In Your Computer


acer hardware vendor detection tool

Detecting the actual hardware in your computer can be confusing. Especially when you don’t have the list of drivers at hand. The computer comes with specific hardware.

When you format your system (recent systems), it comes with only default drivers. These drivers only let you use the computer normally (below top performance). I’ve seen cases where computer users install the wrong drivers just because they don’t know the exact hardware and version their computer has.

To get the best out of your PC, you’ll need to install the specific drivers for the hardware. For example, if your computer has in-built Bluetooth, and it’s not working with the default driver, you’ll need to install the Bluetooth driver. The problem here is identifying the Bluetooth hardware in the computer. It may be Broadcom, Ralink, Toshiba or any other. So you need to get the specific driver.

So how do you detect the exact hardware?

There is this portable tool I’ve been using for years. Though its from Acer, but it works on other brands. It is Acer’s ‘HARDWARE VENDOR DETECTION’ Tool. This tool reads your hardware ID. It gives you the Bluetooth, WLAN, LAN, VGA, and Modem hardwares. You can get it from Acer’s official website.

How to use the tool:

  1. Place the program anywhere in your computer
  2. Run the program
  3. The result will be displayed within 3 seconds.

If your device has a hardware that is not showing, make sure the device is on, then click ‘detect again’ button.

If you have any questions concerning this info, feel free to ask by commenting on this post.


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