How To Downgrade BBM 8 To BBM 7 Or Lower

After the disappointment from BBM 8 due to its peformance, there’s been a lot of questions about how to downgrade to BBM 7. Since then, some users have stumbled on bad / wrong apps in the name of BBM.

Imagine someone using OS 5 trying to download BBM for OS 6. Most download providers out there didn’t specify which version they are supplying. Only a few did. But there’s this question / atom of trust or doubt. Even though i trust some sites. So when i suggested links to some users, some told me i’m referring them to a wrong site or app. Remember how many fake BBMs we had the first day it was to be launched on Android and iOS? Well i dont want to be responsible for such errors.

You know what? I love Blackberry. They listen to us. After all the hammers on Blackberry world and over the internet from users dying to download BBM 7 back, Blackberry gave us an official download link. So, whichever your OS is, you’ll get the right and SAFE version for your phone. Sigh of relief?

How To Download BBM 7 Back

Before you downgrade your BBM, i recommend having a clean installation. Rather than downloading Two different versions on another. I mean from 8 to 7. Its better if you’ll do that with the same version like from to, still under the same 7. That’s just an example though.

  1. Uninstall BBM 8 from the APPLICATION MANAGER. Go to Options > Device > Applications. For Os5, Go to Options > Applications. On the top right tab, click and select Addon.
  2. Reboot your device.
  3. From your in-built browser, go to or simply visit the official bbm download link if you’re on mobile.
  4. Click the Download Now button. 
  5. Check your preferred language and click Next.
  6. Click Download.
As at the time i made this post, the BBM version supplied by that link is BBM
Users from the Middle East can still download BBM 6 from the link.
I hope this helps.
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