How To Download Blackberry Apps To SD Card


Ever wondered how you can have backups of your favourite apps in case you ever need to reload your OS? Well there’s a cool and smooth way you can get this done.

But first and foremost, you’ll need to download an application called ‘OTA Downloader’. This app is also developed by iBNux.

Now to the business.

After installing the app, you can always see it in the menu whenever you’re running the built in browser (it runs in the background). To download an app, click on the download link of the desired app. When you’re shown the details of the app (the size and vendor…), press the menu button and select OTA download.

From there, the app downloads the app into your SD card. So no need to worry about having to search the internet all over again incase you lose your apps.

NOTE: this app only downloads OTA


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