How to Enable Developer Options on Android

Developer Option on android is is an advanced mode used to enable / access some extra features on your device. These features / tweaks can either enhance or reduce your device performance. But based on what you would love to get out of your device, you know what’s best for you. Developer options can also expose your device to security threats.

The most common use of the developer option on android is the USB Debugging mode. USB debugging mode is used to transfer data between your device and your computer. You can also use it to install apps onto your device from the computer. It is also used by some apps for Rooting your device.

Steps to Enable Developer Options

By default, Developer options are not enabled / visible on most Stock ROMs, but this can be enabled easily.

  • Go to Device settings
  • Scroll down and Click About phone 
  • On the about page, scroll down to the Build number and tap it 10 times .

  • You’ll see a toast notification that you’re now a developer. 
  • Go back to the settings page and you’ll see the Developer option available.
  • Open the Developer options and toggle button to enable it. 

    How to Enable USB debugging

    • Open Developer options 
    • Scroll down to USB Debugging 
    • Tick the button to enable USB debugging .

    Your Antivirus programme might notify you that there’s a security risk on your device. You can simply add it to the ignore list.


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