How To Fix Data Bundle Subscription Problem On Airtel


If you’re having problems subscribing to a data plan on Airtel, it could be because you’re already on an active plan. In that case you may get this message “Dear subscriber, your request was not successful because you cannot migrate while you still have an active service”. This usually happens when airtel rewards you with free MB (after recharge) or when you’re subscribed to their Blackberry Internet Service. On Airtel,

you’re not allowed to be on 2 different plans at the same time unlike Etisalat.

So, to get rid of this barrier, you need to leave one for the other. To solve the problem;

1- You ‘can’ use about 95% (recommended / to be on the safe side) of the current data plan. Don’t finish the MB.

2- Send DEACTIVATE to 440 (in an sms)

Your current plan will be deactivated. Wait for some minutes and subscribe to your new data plan.


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