How To Get Free SMS Bundle On Glo

For a while now, i’ve been sending free and unlimited sms from my Glo mobile. With this discovery, you send a FREE sms and also get a replacement FREE. This is not a case where you’ll be charged for one sms and they give you a free one.

Steps to Get Free Glo SMS Bundle

Normally, when i send an sms, i always get a free sms in return. But there are other simple ways to get more sms bundle as much as you like. You may use any of these methods below:

  1. With Modem
  2. By sms command

Now lets talk about the methods.


  1. Simply insert your Sim card in to a modem and plug to your pc.
  2. You’ll get text messages that you have now received free sms bundle.

You can repeat this process as much as you like. 

Using SMS Command

To use this method, you have to send a text to a free service number. An example is making an enquiry about Glo services e.g Blackberry plans. To those that know how to check BIS Status on glo, you’ll get the free sms bundle immediately after you send the text. 
To use this method, text status to 777. 

How to Check Free SMS Balance

Dial #122# and see how many free sma you have.

UPDATE: Glo does not notify immediately via sms. Everytime you try to get the sms, check your bsms balance. You’ll see it increase.

Use this while it lasts. #AnotherLoophole


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