How To Install Add-ons Manually On Mozilla Firefox


Have you ever tried installing an add-on / extension on
Mozilla Firefox and couldn’t succeed due to unknown errors? Or you tried downloading
with another browser just to find out the particular browser isn’t supported. Other
than the add-ons supplied through Firefox and some other services, there are a
lot of ways you can get useful / essential 3rd party add-ons for

These add-ons may come in archives (mostly rar).

Mozilla Firefox add-ons come in xpi format. So if you get
hold of one such extension, you’ll probably wonder how to install it because the
format is not recognized by Windows and can’t be opened. In short, it can only
be read by Firefox itself.

How to install:

  • Extract the contents of the downloaded archive (containing
    the xpi file) 
  • Launch Mozilla
  • Click on the menu
  • On the right side, click add-ons

That brings you to the Add-ons
. And there you’ll see the list of installed extensions.

  • Select the Extensions tab 
  • Select
    Install Add-on from File


  • Now go to the location you extracted the xpi file and select. Notice the circle in the image below. 

  • You’ll be warned about security when you do this. If you
    trust the add-on, click yes
  • Restart Firefox

That’s all! 

You can still go back to the Add-ons Manager to adjust setting of the installed extension (if
need be / if available).


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