How To Mute Blackberry Camera Shutter Sound

Sometimes we feel like taking pictures silently, but Blackberry didn’t give us that option to disable the camera shutter sound. You may be in a library, museum, or at a speech presentation and wish to take pictures quietly.

Talking about safety/security, the mobile phone is in most cases the saviour.

So what happens when you’re in danger and you REALLY need to notify someone or take secret pictures of the location. You could be in trouble if caught taking pics. The shutter sound brings attention. It’s best to be silent. I believe we should be able to choose whether we want the sounds or not like we do with other phone brands.

There are some apps which mute your camera sound, but in another way disappoints. The UI is mostly annoying. And the picture quality, poor. I wouldn’t waste my money on them (IMO). The best thing could have been the default camera with a mute option.

With some research, I was able to get a perfect solution, which I call the best. Now I use a software called ‘Camera Mute App‘. This app let’s you mute camera sounds and at the same time, the key tone. But not the ringtone and other notifications.  

How does the app work?

Camera Mute App creates a mute option in your phone menu which makes it easy to mute and unmute the phone. This app does not have any UI for camera. All it does is Mute Sound. The app is very light and free. You may need to set permissions for the app to work perfectly.

camera mute app

How To Use The App:

  1. Launch the Camera Mute App
  2. Press options
  3. Select “Add ‘Mute’ Menu-Item
  4. Press option again and select ‘Mute!

You will be shown the status of your phone on the app screen.

To unmute/restore camera shutter sound, Press option and select Unmute!

You can download the app download camera mute app here .


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