How To Open & Edit All File Formats On Blackberry

You must have come across unknown file formats on your blackberry (mostly on the media card). Such files cannot be executed on the phone. For example bin, csv, dat or exe files. Such files MIGHT be system files. If you’re a power user, sometimes you might need to view or edit the contents of these files.

Here I’m introducing an app called ‘Super Memo‘. With Super Memo, you can open ‘any‘ file format. Let’s say you have a CSV or a CON file you need to open urgently and there’s no PC available at the moment. You can export the codes into your memo and edit. The app uses the inbuilt MemoPad. So no need to worry over the UI (User Interface). Its simple.

I used this app to extract my friends’ pins from old BBM Backup file. And how did I do that? Just follow these steps:

  1. Make a backup of the file to be worked on
  2. Open ‘Super Memo’
  3. Click ‘Choose file’
  4. Navigate to the file and select.

Now carefully scroll around the text you see in the memopad. The txt is automatically exported to the MemoPad. So you can edit / extract anytime you like.

super memo

NOTE: Use this app carefully. Don’t use it to edit delicate system files. *Only use it if you know what you’re doing.*


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