How To Open Rar On Blackberry

If you’re wondering how to open rar files on your blackberry, probably after downloading over the internet (though the feature is not available by default). Rar format can’t be opened by the in built explorer.

How to open rar on a blackberry device

To open rar archives, you can use the app UnRar.
Unrar integrates into the OS, making it easy to open rar when using the in built exporer. This works like a plugin. With UnRar, you can extract files and folders at once just like Win Rar.

How To Use Unrar:

  1. Launch the app (UnRar),
  2. Navigate to the archive directory,
  3. Click on the archive
  4. After you click on the archive, you’ll see the contents and their sizes, be it files or folders.
  5. Press the menu button and select extract (either all or the desired file).

Viewing Rar from the in-built explorer:

When you working with the explorer, just click on the archive and it will be opened with the app.

You can download unrar here.


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