How To Protect Custom Emails Against Spam

On an average website, you see admin emails at one corner or the other. With texts like ‘Contact us‘, ‘for feedback, email us….’. Displaying your custom email ( on you site (domain) or on a page is a good thing, but there is a little disadvantage.

It leaves you prone to spam. Most admins complain of Spam Attack on their emails. I hear this a lot from fellow bloggers. And they wonder how to SIMPLY stop them. They just keep coming in.

You can block spam from terrorizing you with any of my two methods. But choose the one you feel will please your readers. Though what we are after is your own safety. So here’s the little Antispam:

Method 1

Whenever you type your email (custom email) on your page, insert a space around the ‘.com’. For example . This makes it look as a sentence. Your reader will get your message.

Method 2

This method is also simple, but i don’t really like  it. I love smooth reading. This trick here is using ‘dot’ instead of the ‘.‘ symbol in the email address. So to distinguish the dot from the name, you can use these symbols [ ] to enclose the dot. That is name@yourdomainname[dot]com .

It’s that simple. Any of these methods can be used freely.


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