How To Publish Blog Posts From Mobile Using Email On Blogger

What if I told you some of the articles on this blog were published with my mobile phone? Well it’s not a hard thing to do. Blogger lets you publish articles directly from wherever you are or your mobile phones with Blogger Mobile as long as you can send emails.

A lot of bloggers tell me about their inability to make good posts from mobile. Then i simply ask “what have you been using to post?” 90% of them use UC Browser. Though UC Browser is very good for working around your blog on mobile, but you cant setup your posts the way you want. e.g attaching images. I mostly recommend posting Via Email. Posting via email is better and easier if you have an email client on yoiur device e.g Blackberry or Android.

How Do I Setup My Posting Email?

To post via email, all you need to do is set up a secret email address which is known by ONLY you. So whenever you send a mail to this address, your posts will be published or saved as draft (depending on your preferred setting). Follow the steps below:

  • Logon to your dashboard
  • Click on Settings
  • Still under settings, click Mobile and email
How To Post Articles Using Email On Blogger

  • Now on the main page, enter your secret text in the space provided. So your secret email adress will be ‘youremail.??????‘ . The email id (not the full email address) will be the id of the email address you’re using as the author of your blog.  So if your actual email address is, that will be the beginning of your custom / posting email, giving you blogowner.????? NOTE that the email ends with, not All you need to do is insert any text or combination you want.
How To Post Articles Using Email On Blogger

  • Now you can choose when you want your post to be published. If you want it to be published immediately after you send the mail, leave the button at ‘publish email immediately‘ . If you would like to save as draft and later adjust the post format, select ‘save emails as draft‘. 
  • Save your settings.

How To Publish Posts Via Email

This is the easiest part. It is just the same way as composing and sending a normal email.

  • Logon to your email account
  • Compose your post / article
  • To insert an image in your blog post, simply click on  the ‘Attachment‘ button. just the same way you attach files. your images will be visible in the post. Images come before the text. 

If you’re using Opera Mini to acces your email, you wont get the option to attach files because it directs you to the mobile version automatically. To get over that limitation, simply learn how to acess Gmail desktop version on mobile here. With the desktop version, you can attach files in your mails.

  • Send the post /text / article to the secret email address you created, not your personal email address. Thait is your email.secret If you set it to be published immediately, your post will be live on your blog as soon as the email delivers. 

How To Separate Images From The Text

Since you’ll only insert images in the post with no other option of re-arrangement, you might end up getting jammed up content in the sense that your images won’t be separated from the text.

It is advisable to leave a line or two above your text so it will push the text a line down. The spaces will separate the image from the text. Just above the first line / paragraph, simply press the ENTER key to enter the next line. Then compose your post. Images always come first before the text. 


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