How To Remove Attribution And All Other Locked Widgets On Blogger

In my early days of blogging, i faced a lot of problems when editing the default templates and even more from free templates  that come with a lot of locked widgets with titles unrelated to my blog. These could be HTML/Javascript, feed,  pagelist or any other widget. These made my blog unorganized. Most default blogger widgets are removable while some are locked.

An example is the attribution. If you don’t like the Powered by Blogger thing, you might consider removing it.

When you upload a template, you might have more than one attribution widget or any other widget in which some can’t be removed from the page elements / layout. I see blogs out there with titles like that. Like me in the past, some just dont know how to fix it. I’ve made this post to help solve that. 

To delete or remove any  locked widget, you can use any of the methods below. That’s how i have been doing it. and i’m sure it will work for you. II used attribution widget for this tutorial, but you can remove any other locked widget the same way.

How To Delete / Remove Locked Widgets

Method 1:

  • Login to your dashboard and go to Templates > HTML
  • You can search for the locked widget by pressing CTRL+F or if you know the exact widget, just click on Jump to widget. Select the widget. 
How To Remove Attribution And All Other Locked Widgets On Blogger

  • Delete the whole line containing the widget you want to remove.

Method 2:

If you dont want to mess with the HTML much, all you need to do is:

  • Change the lock state of the widget. For example, attribution widget is set to locked (locked=‘true’) by default. Change the true to false
lock status

  • Go to Layout and click to edit attribution. you’ll see that the Remove option will be available. click remove and the attribution is gone. 
remove attribution
These methods can be used to remove all locked widgets on blogger.


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