How To Reset Opera Mini Network


How To Reset Opera Mini Network

Your Blackberry Opera Mini might stop connecting whenever there’s a reduction in signal for a little while. And when the signal gets better, opera may not receive any data. It just keeps loading.

That happens because as at the time it was still receiving data, you’re probably on EDGE or 3G, so as the mobile data goes off (to edge or 3g), the network preference in opera is reset in order to use the available connection mode or when the network isn’t responding (temporary network problem), it tries to find another way to connect. When it happens like this, you just have to reset your connection mode manually.

How To Reset Network:

There’s a fast and easy way to do this. In the address bar, simply input ‘server:setup’ (without quotes) and enter. This retests your connection and if you have EDGE or 3G on, it selects it as the preferred mode. Though you won’t see that. You only get the message ‘You have a working network connection’. This trick is just a network test.

If you’re not able to input the command (maybe you can’t type at the moment), you may go through the full path : Launch Menu, Go to Settings > Advanced > Network test

Its as simple as that. So don’t uninstall your Opera Mini just because it stopped working (to you). I’ve seen a lot of people do that. Some say it’s no longer working and pay engineers who do nothing more than a simple Re-installation. Don’t be like them.

Learn how to DIY (Do It Yourself).

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